Early Head Start-Child Care Network

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The earliest years of a child’s life are the most important for brain development. Infants and toddlers need to be in safe, caring, and consistent relationships with loving parents, families, and teachers. Children’s early years lay the foundation for future success – in school and life.

Early Learning Indiana is proud to partner with three experienced Paths to QUALITY child care providers in Indianapolis, supporting their implementation of the research-based Early Head Start program for children ages birth to three years of age. Across the three partner sites, 88 children will receive the highest-quality infant and toddler care, including health services and family supports. In partnership with the federal Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care and Indiana’s Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning, Early Learning Indiana is providing funding, administrative support, classroom coaching, and other technical assistance. The resulting network is intended to demonstrate a model of high-quality infant and toddler care for others to replicate.

Partnering with families is an integral part of the model.  Parents are a child’s best and first teacher. Parenting in the early years is especially critical, but children don’t come with a how-to manual and knowing what young children need isn’t always clear. Early Head Start teachers and staff support family engagement in the classroom and at home, and they connect parents to community resources that meet family needs.

EHSMapThe three partner organizations and sites are:

  1. Day Early Learning’s Center for Infants and Toddlers at 1030 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
  2. East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center
    at 2327 East 10th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222
  3. The Villages Children’s Village
    at 5555 Galeao Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241


Get Involved!

Parents interested in enrolling their child should contact Lauren Jordan at laurenj@earlylearningindiana.org or 317-737-1256 or Samantha Ryan at Samanthar@earlylearningindiana.org or 317-737-1262. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Funding is limited and enrollment is based on highest need, as well as other factors.

Community partners interested in supporting this model should contact the Network’s Director Christine Garza at ChristineG@earlylearningindiana.org or 317-737-1239.


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