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  • Professional Coaching For Day Early Learning Teachers

    In-classroom coaching implemented to elevate quality in our centers. Recent research is challenging the traditional notion of teacher professional development. Instead of teachers attending workshops or trainings outside of their workplace, early childhood teachers often learn best and implement effective instructional strategies through on-site coaching. Evidence suggests when teacher learning is grounded in day-to-day practice,… MORE

  • 10+ Ways To Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten is a big step! There are several ways you can help your child make that leap. Here are some ideas of simple activities you can do with your child. Read everyday! Talk about the words in books, ask your child to predict what will happen next in the stories, and ask your child to… MORE

  • A Step Forward for Hoosier Children and Families

    For Immediate Release: April 24, 2017 By Ted Maple, Ph.D., President and CEO, Early Learning Indiana Last fall, a new four-year-old student enrolled in one of our early learning centers after receiving a state pre-K scholarship. The first four years of his life were not ideal. His parents weren’t in the picture. His grandparents were… MORE


    For Immediate Release: April 22, 2017 Continue push for early education access plus quality implementation Today, Early Learning Indiana President and CEO Ted Maple issued the following statement in response to the Indiana General Assembly’s $22 million expansion of the state’s pre-K pilot program. “We thank the members of the General Assembly and the governor… MORE

  • Kroger Awards Early Learning Indiana $90K to Support New Math Programs

    For Immediate Release: April 19, 2017 Today, Early Learning Indiana announced that it has been awarded a $90,000 from Kroger Co. to implement new math curriculum in its 10 central Indiana Day Early Learning facilities. The grant, which will be distributed over 3 years, will be used to purchase a new evidence-based math curriculum, supporting… MORE

  • Closer to Perfect: A Child Care Provider Spotlight

    Perfected Child Care Ministry has been operating for 12 years, but in the last 12 months it has really changed – renovated basement, fresh paint, new flooring, lighting, and a brand new curriculum. Director LaShanda Fain has led the changes, first by putting the Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry through VCP, or Voluntary Certification Program,… MORE

  • All IN 4 Pre-K Campaign Grows to More Than 150 Member Organizations

    As the Indiana General Assembly continues to debate expanding pre-k, we have earned the support of 150 Hoosier businesses, associations, community organizations and elected officials across the state! In a public letter to legislators and the governor, the organizations called expanding pre-k a “top priority” for this session of the General Assembly, noting that “pre-k… MORE


    PNC Bank and Early Learning Indiana launch free Bloom Bright service for parents Hoosier parents now have a new tool to help their children learn and grow, thanks to a newly launched free texting service, Bloom Bright. Created by Early Learning Indiana and supported by PNC Bank, Bloom Bright sends biweekly text messages to parents… MORE

  • Pre-K: Let’s Connect for Kindergarten Success!

    Kindergarten is a big step for a child and family. Day Early Learning is partnering with families in making the leap to kindergarten by providing a variety of supports and resources. This year, we’re excited to introduce Family Connect Conferences for our Day Early Learning families, to help prepare them and their child for the transition to kindergarten. The… MORE

  • Data: A Key Driver for Early Childhood in Indiana

    by Kent Mitchell, Vice President of Outreach and Partnerships, Early Learning Indiana ELAC provides key insights into how Hoosiers can grow early opportunities. We all care about young children and families in Indiana. But with 504,000 Hoosier children, aged five years and younger, good intentions are often not enough. Data about their well-being points to a… MORE