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  • Pre-K: Let’s Connect for Kindergarten Success!

    Kindergarten is a big step for a child and family. Day Early Learning is partnering with families in making the leap to kindergarten by providing a variety of supports and resources. This year, we’re excited to introduce Family Connect Conferences for our Day Early Learning families, to help prepare them and their child for the transition to kindergarten. The… MORE

  • Data: A Key Driver for Early Childhood in Indiana

    by Kent Mitchell, Vice President of Outreach and Partnerships, Early Learning Indiana ELAC provides key insights into how Hoosiers can grow early opportunities. We all care about young children and families in Indiana. But with 504,000 Hoosier children, aged five years and younger, good intentions are often not enough. Data about their well-being points to a… MORE

  • Ask the Expert: Tips for Raising Boys: It’s All Right!

    by Shannon Ford, MA, ECE  Professional Development Specialist If there’s something I knew about raising a boy solo, it was that I would need a mantra to guide me. Funny how things happen. My Jacob came into this world screaming and crying while the Beatles hit song, Here Comes the Sun was playing in the… MORE

  • Online Pre-K No Substitute to Classroom Learning

    by Ted Maple, Ph.D., President and CEO, Early Learning Indiana Hoosiers want pre-K in Indiana. And they want our state to invest. Last year, a statewide public opinion poll found that 7 in 10 voters want to expand pre-K and they want our state to go big. They want high-quality pre-K to be more accessible… MORE

  • How Child Care Answers Helps Parents

    by Cheryl Tyler, Child Care Answers Outreach Coordinator Child Care Answers is a program of Early Learning Indiana and is one of Indiana’s nine state-funded child care resource and referral agencies. It serves parents, child care providers, and corporations as it works to enhance access to, and the quality of, child care services in Central Indiana…. MORE

  • Going Back to Work: What does that mean for Breastfeeding?

    by Lauren George, Infant/Toddler Specialist & Certified Lactation Counselor Going back to work or school can be challenging for nursing mothers. Mothers are not sure how many ounces of milk to send in each day, getting baby to take a bottle can be difficult, and finding a provider that understands breastfeeding can be a challenge. Here are some… MORE

  • Ask the Expert: STEM Activities for Toddlers

    by Rachel Lee, Paths To QUALITY Coach with Infant and Toddler Emphasis Let’s face it –  the struggle is real. We as adults in general are scared when it comes to thinking of science/math activities to do with toddlers. The word “science” is scary. We aren’t scientists. And, math…well, I can only speak for myself, but, math… MORE

  • Ask the Expert: Tips for Raising a Healthy Eater

    by Emily Barrow, CACFP Child Nutrition Professional As a parent, you have the ability to greatly impact your child’s eating habits by modeling healthy eating and encouraging her to try new foods. Children develop their eating habits and preferences from infancy, and they remain with them through adulthood. Studies have shown that children exposed to… MORE

  • Ask the Expert: How to Promote Learning with Infants

    by Dawn Johnson, Early Childhood Center Enhancement Specialist and former Paths to QUALITY Coach with Infant/Toddler Emphasis A lifelong love of learning starts from the earliest moments. Babies love sharing time with their parents or primary caregivers (at home and school) and some babies love to spend time with other babies. Providing a safe, nurturing… MORE

  • Ask the Expert: When to Change Child Care Providers

    by Joy McCall, Paths to QUALITY Coach Changing child care providers can be challenging for many families. Knowing when it is time to find a new provider may be an even bigger challenge. Change is hard for everyone involved in this process. Children need stability and a warm nurturing environment where they can grow. So, what… MORE