Be on the Front Lines of Early Childhood Education.

10250286_10152299778631208_2032787365100216267_nAs one of the few nonprofit child care providers in the region, Early Learning Indiana offers high-quality volunteer opportunities to people interested in performing fulfilling, meaningful service. Whether you want to volunteer as part of a group or as an individual, there are a number of ways to get involved throughout the year.

When you volunteer for Early Learning Indiana you make an impact on the lives of children and further our mission to assure the highest level of early education for children in Indiana.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Playground Partners:

Outdoor play is a critical part of early education. You can keep our playgrounds in tip top shape by helping with various yard and landscaping projects from spring through fall. Activities include weeding, mulching, raking leaves, planting garden boxes and more.

Classroom Characters:

Do you have a knack for bringing books to life? Or have a special skill to share? Volunteers are always encouraged to come read in our classrooms, bring in an instrument to show and share, coach fundamental sports skills, or simply to provide more one-on-one time to the children. You’d be providing an extra set of hands to teachers in our classrooms and giving the children exposure to new things, ideas and more one-on-one time.

Special Events Superstars:

Special events engage parents and families in their child’s education, which enriches the child’s learning experience. As you can imagine, putting on those events is no easy feat! Volunteer during our special events throughout the year and help set up, decorate, serve food, man booths, or clean up.

Field trip Fellows:

Field trips allow our older children experiences outside the classroom to enhance their education. Herding 20+ excited preschoolers is a little stressful though. Volunteer to chaperone a field trip and experience something new with our children.

IMG_0958.cropAuxiliary All Stars:

Join our Day Nursery Auxiliary members, a 78 year-old organization dedicated to carrying out our mission through volunteer work. They regularly volunteer at our centers doing various activities. Learn more about the Day Nursery Auxiliary and how to become a member here.

Skilled Supporters:

Do you have professional skills or expertise that could help our children or organization? Committee and event members, professional photographers or videographers are invited to join our cause.  Volunteer by lending us your professional expertise to tell our story, put on events or brainstorm fundraising ideas. Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them!

Active Advocates:

Want to improve early childhood education throughout the state? Be a part of the change by advocating to legislators and educating the public. Do something as small, but impactful as sharing our message on social media or something more public like attending a rally or contacting your legislative office. Learn more about advocacy here.

To inquire about current volunteer opportunities, email us today. Please note that all volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older.