Donors change children’s lives.

1979589_10152308531341208_1056111763127043875_nYou are generous. And you may never meet those you help.

You are a futurist. You see the potential in our children and how important investing in early learning is to them, their families and our community.

You are an architect. You help build a child’s brain to forge a foundation that lasts.

Early Learning Indiana forms a lasting kinship with those who invest in the development and success of all Hoosier children.

Thank you.

Every Hoosier child should have access to quality early education. Donate Now.

Where your dollars go

You support helps low-income children attend our high quality Day Early Learning Centers. Your support helps families find quality care and it helps others provide quality care throughout Indiana.

We have three primary programs: Day Early Learning, Child Care Answers, and Partnerships for Early Learners.

Fund teacher support & training
  • Coaching
  • Credentials
  • Salaries
Fund a child’s education
  • Tuition assistance for low-income families
  • Avg cost per student receiving tuition?
Fund building a system of early learning excellence
  • Advocacy & coalition building
  • Resource & referral