Preparing Children for Kindergarten and Lifelong Learning.

IMG_6949Day Early Learning is committed to ensuring all children have the academic and social-emotional skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. We have different ways we measure these skills:


Each week, you will receive written observations of your child’s development on LifeCubby. These observations are used to help teachers create meaningful lesson plans that will ignite curiosity in your child and help us monitor your child’s growth and learning on a daily basis.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire

When parents enroll in our program and each time your child transitions to a new classroom, teachers and parents complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). This tool allows us to help you track your child’s progress in language, problem solving, fine and gross motor, and social-emotional  development. It also helps us ensure the right materials and supports are being used to help your child reach the next stage of their development.


In the fall, winter, and spring our teachers complete an overall assessment on your child’s progress using a tool from the Indiana Department of Education called ISTAR-KR (KR=kindergarten readiness). This assessment is aligned to the Indiana kindergarten standards in the areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

Classroom and Staff Assessments

In addition to measuring children’s growth, our learning environments and teaching staff are regularly assessed using classroom observation tools to ensure the highest level of teacher-child interactions. This is important because high-quality environments and teacher-child interactions encourage and promote children’s language, math, vocabulary and social skills.


Day Early Learning programs have a strong track record of preparing children for kindergarten as well as success in life. Children are more competent socially and emotionally, and show better verbal skills as well as intellectual and physical development. Our children come away with invaluable learning experiences and problem-solving skills that that will continue to spark their curiosity and instill a spirit of inquiry throughout the rest of their lives.