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At Early Learning Indiana, we are educators, trainers, coaches, researchers and thought leaders – at the local, state and national level. We are also proud advocates. Along with our partners, we use advocacy to ensure that smart and effective policies are enacted that benefit Indiana’s families, children and communities.

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Discover key statistics, studies and other resources on the positive impact of early education.

On the Road to Pre-K Expansion: A progress report on Indiana’s Roadmap to Pre-K Expansion

Learn about the progress Indiana’s made in early education and the challenges that lay ahead.

Mile Markers: Smoothing the Transition from Pre-K to Elementary School

Examine steps Indiana must take to ensure greater continuity and coordination between preschool and elementary school programs.

MILE MARKERS: Engaging Families In Pre-K

Explore how family engagement looks — and how it can benefit — pre-K children and parents in Indiana.

Mile Markers: Access to High-Quality Pre-K

Take an an in-depth look at access to high-quality state-funded pre-K in Indiana.

Success Starts Early: Indiana’s Roadmap for Pre-K Expansion

Read our strategic plan for bringing high quality pre-K to more Hoosier children.

The State of Pre-K in Indiana

See the latest statistics on access to high-quality pre-K in Indiana.

Indiana Pre-K Supports Success of Both Children and Families

A quick look at how high quality pre-K improves the lives of Hoosier families and communities.

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Get Early Education Champion Updates